All you need to know about the Herpes Simplex Virus and Valacyclovir

What is Valtrex?

Valtrex is GlaxoSmithKline’s remarkable antiviral drug that targets a number of herpes variants. The primary constituent of Valtrex is the drug known as Valacyclovir. A number of studies have been conducted that have shown the drug’s effectiveness against herpes, both in terms of prevention and management.

Affecting over 50 million U.S residents, herpes is an incurable disease that man has tried to cure for decades. For those affected, leading a normal life, particularly a sexual life, is rather difficult. That is until now. A host of research studies conducted has shown the immense success of Generic Valtrex, a tablet that has been shown to reduce the transmission of herpes by up to 50%. Here is a closer look at Valtrex, its benefits, pharmacology and how you can make it more effective than ever.


  • Reduced Chances of Virus Acquisition
    One of the biggest problems posed by herpes was its spread. Many couples have to cease or dramatically reduce sexual activity in order to prevent the spread of the disease. Valtrex offers them hope by helping to prevent the spread of the disease. A number of studies show that a daily dose of Valtrex for herpes can reduce the chances of acquiring the disease by 50%. Reduced Chances of Viral Development Of course, once acquired, slowing the development of the virus is extremely difficult. It is only a matter of time before an infected individual triggers the virus within them and the symptoms show. Fortunately, Valtrex works to manage this development, reducing the risk of developing the symptoms of genital herpes, and the virus itself, by almost 80%.
  • How does it Work?
    Valtrex for herpes works by inhibiting releasing Valacyclovir into the system, where it converts into its active form, acyclovir. In essence, acyclovir works to stop the herpes virus from ever binding with the DNA chains. It simply enters a cell, fuses with the DNA chain and removes that of the herpes virus. As such, while it may not cure herpes, it prevents its development and spread.

Making it more Effective than Ever

While Valtrex may work wonders on its own, the use of certain precautions can help reduce the chances of herpes spreading even further. One of the easiest way to significantly slow down the spread of herpes is to practice safe sex by using a condom. Research has shown that using both a condom and ingesting Valtrex can significantly reduce the chance of transmission and allow couples to enjoy sex once more. For individuals diagnosed with herpes, Valtrex comes as a warm welcome, allowing them to enjoy their sex life once again without worrying - too much - on the transmission of the disease. Moreover, it helps dramatically slow down the development of the virus and therefore their symptoms as well. Of course, as always, the information provided should not substitute the recommendation of a licensed medical practitioner. Always see your doctor before using Valtrex.